Covid-19 and the workplace environment:
Facts, tools and useful links

Useful resources and direct links to the most important rules and guidelines from the central authorities on how best to handle the corona crisis and prevent infection.

The covid-19 pandemic places big demands on both management and employees, both of whom need to navigate unfamiliar situations with rules and guidelines that are constantly changing. The most important thing is to make sure that employees and customers are protected against infection in a way that disrupts the running of the company as little as possible.

BFA Handel recommends that management and employees maintain a close dialogue about how to solve the challenges posed by the pandemic.  If you have a Health and Safety Organisation, it should be involved as well. 

Resources for the workplace environment and covid-19

Conflict management during covid-19: BFA Handel has developed a guide on how to prevent and handle conflicts. Use the material to prepare yourself for conflicts with customers and colleagues during the pandemic (in Danish only - English version coming soon).

Working from home during covid-19: BFA Kontor has developed a guide on how to best handle working from home and how to set up a home office (in Danish only).

Wellbeing and job satisfaction during covid-19: BFA Kontor has developed a guide that describes the many factors involved in promoting wellbeing, and it also offers specific tools to help maintain wellbeing in the workplace - including during covid-19 (in Danish only).

Template for Risk Assessment on covid-19 in office workplaces: You can use the simple risk assessment template to quickly take the temperature of the workplace: What challenges and risks are we seeing? What has worked well? What do we need to do right now? (in Danish only).

Avoid infection in the office: This handbook from Statens Serum Institut (SSI) has information on how to set up office workspaces in a way that prevents the spread of infection by using nudging principles (in Danish only)

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Links to The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)

Direct link: Q&A about covid-19 and the workplace environment: Find answers to the most common questions the WEA receives about the spread of infection, cleaning and hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) and much more (in Danish only).

Direct link: The WEA’s advice for office workplaces: It is the responsibility of the employer to reduce the risk as effectively as possible of employees getting infected with the novel coronavirus. See updated rules, advice and recommendations (in Danish only).

Resources and materials from the WEA: The primary site with all the rules, guidelines and information about covid-19 from the WEA (mostly in Danish).

Official guidelines

Guidelines on how to responsibly set up private office spaces etc.: Updated version from 22nd January 2021 containing the central authorities’ advice and guidelines for office workplaces regarding covid-19 (in Danish only).

Links to other authorities

The Danish Health Authority’s guidelines, resources, etc.: About preventing of the spread of infection, use of face masks, etc., as well as the Danish Health Authority’s posters and flyers to use in the workplace. Many of the resources can also be found in English and in other languages (in English). - current information from the central authorities: The latest news about the corona situation, hotlines for contacting the authorities, as well as a useful overview of what rules apply to both private individuals and to companies (in English).

Virksomhedsguiden: Information about covid-19 and companies: Among other things, read about current relief packages and financial support, as well as new VAT return deadlines, work-sharing agreements and much more (in Danish only).

New information: Welfare and mental health during the corona crisis:The corona crisis has changed the working life of many employees and managers. Get information, advice and tools for both employees and managers - based on the latest research conducted during the covid-19 pandemic (in Danish only).

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(Last update 6. april 2021)