Factsheet: Risk assessments (APV)

What the law says 

  • All companies with employees must complete a written risk assessment (APV). 
  • The APV has to be in writing. 
  • There are no requirements about what methods and tools should be used to complete the risk assessment, but you must work through the following steps: 
    • Identify and map out current health and safety conditions.
    • Describe and assess any health and safety issues found. 
    • Include absence due to illness caused by existing health and safety conditions.
    • Prioritise the various health and safety issues and work out an action plan. 
    • Establish guidelines for how to follow up on the action plan
  • The employer must include the Health and Safety Organisation or the employees in APV planning, preparation, completion and follow-up.
  • The Health and Safety Representative or another employee representative must sign the APV. 
  • The employer must ensure that the APV is available to employees, managers and the WEA (Working Environment Authority). 
  • If the company does not have the resources necessary to complete the APV, the employer must seek assistance to complete it.
  • An APV needs to be completed at least every three years, or when there is any major change at the workplace that affects the working environment.

What can the employer do

  • Use the insights from previous APVs. 
  • Uncover any health and safety issues through online surveys, round table discussions, interviews or discussions during branch meetings.
  • Consider the degree of anonymity. Anonymity can make it difficult to uncover and follow up on specific issues or problems but can also help encourage honest answers.
  • Remember that special attention must be paid to the working environment for pregnant employees - this can be done via the APV in general or by looking at the specific situation in question.
  • All issues described in the APV must be addressed and suggestions for how to solve them must be put forward and acted upon. 
  • Make sure that any relevant Health and Safety Committees or Groups are involved in the work with the APV.
  • Decide how you are going to inform and motivate management and employees during the APV process. 
  • Work out a schedule and follow up on it as you go.
  • Make sure that employees know what an APV is and where they can find written and electronic versions. This also applies to temporary staff. 

What can the individual person do

  • Contribute actively to the APV process.
  • Inform a Health and Safety Representative or a manager if you experience any health and safety issues. 

Legal basis