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About BFA Kontor

BFA Kontor is part of BFA Handel, Finans og Kontor – The Sector Working Environment Committee for Retail, Finance and Offices. Within BFA Kontor, employers and employees work together to promote a good working environment in office workplaces within the private sector in Denmark.

The Committee's purpose is to participate in resolving health and safety issues and thereby support work environment efforts in companies within the private office and administration sector.

Through ongoing contact with workplaces, BFA ensures that the needs of the industry are met, and that guides and materials are relevant and inspiring. An important focus in this collaboration is that the guidance, as well as the various materials, are easy to use and implement. The Committee works to develop both industry-wide and cross-sector activities.

BFA's activities reflect the common position of all parties on good standards within the working environment.

If you have questions about the BFA Kontor, please write to 

BFA Kontor represents:

Employee organisations

Employer organisations

Representatives in BFA Kontor


Anja C. Jensen
Kirsten Estrup Madsen 
Else Vestergaard
Per R. N. Nielsen
Lil Foged



Tine Mathiesen


Bjørn Vitoft

Dansk Erhverv

Anne-Marie Røge Krag
Jakob Bo Urhammer
Gitte Garset

Dansk Industri

Jan Lorentzen 


Nanna Simone Jensen